Send and Receive Information Securely

IXD is an easy-to-use secure email and information delivery service that supports desktop, mobile and automated secure messaging.

IXD Secure Mail

Share confidential information with the right people, safely. Use IXD to securely communicate and track financial, HR, legal and medical records.

IXD keeps your important data safe from cybercriminals, eavesdroppers and other threats in the modern world. IXD was designed by security experts, and uses best-in-class encryption and world-class data centers. You can trust your data is secure with IXD.

IXD is easy-to-use, secure and works from wherever you work. You can use IXD from your desktop to send and receive any confidential information or you can use a mobile phone or tablet. Mobile phones and tablets are ideal to capture and securely send sensitive information.

IXD Secure Mail is ideal for enterprise-wide secure email and information delivery. It has been designed to support the highest scalability and security requirements while maintaining its ease of use. Get started today.

Key features

  • Send and receive secure email directly from your desktop, tablet or mobile device
  • Securely send and receive from within Outlook and Office 365
  • Industry-leading cryptographic methods
  • Message tracking and audit dashboard
  • No additional hardware or software required

At IXD, we believe that high-quality secure communication solutions should be available to everyone. IXD Secure Mail is always free for personal use and for receiving. Visit our pricing page to learn more about our professional and enterprise plans.

IXD Secure Mail for Office 365

All the benefits of IXD Secure Mail from within Outlook

Are you using Office 365 as your email provider? IXD Secure Mail is integrated directly into your inbox on Outlook 2013 or Outlook Web. Send, receive and manage IXD secure messages and attachments using the power of your familiar email client, including your folders and contact list.

With IXD Secure Mail for Office 365, you keep your information safe and your TCO low. Office 365 users can use IXD Secure Mail from within the email tools they are familiar with and use today. Add IXD Secure Mail to your Office 365 workflow without introducing a new system to learn. You can find IXD Secure Mail in the Office Store here. Try it for free today!

IXD Secure Mail Gateway

The IXD Secure Mail Gateway enables most fax server solutions to also be a modern secure message server, upgrading existing technologies and making it easy to send and receive a secure message from within existing workflows.

The IXD Secure Mail Gateway is an add-on module that efficiently extends the capabilities of existing fax technologies to next generation secure business communications. With IXD, the sender can send a secure message directly from within the fax tools they use today. From IXD, the recipient can access their IXD Secure Mail from a variety of receiving choices.

Visit our pricing page to learn more about our enterprise plans.

IXD High Speed Routing

The IXD High Speed Routing module makes faxing truly secure and enables faster, more accurate fax transmissions between IXD enabled fax servers and fax services. This service creates a secure fax connection between IXD enabled fax servers and services and transmits a TIFF image over an encrypted Internet connection, bypassing the costly public switched telephone network (PSTN). Fax transmissions sent via the IXD network can travel 1,000 times faster.

The IXD High Speed Routing module is a simple add-on that requires minimal changes to the fax server or service and does not interrupt fax transmission via existing methods. Discover how IXD High Speed Routing can streamline your business's secure communications.

Visit our pricing page to learn more about our enterprise plans.

Limitless Integration Possibilities

IXD's Enterprise Integration can automate your secure information exchange processes by providing complete secure information delivery and receipt solutions for all applications; including email, CRM, ERP, document management and EMR/EHR systems.

The IXD Enterprise Integration is powered by a robust REST-based API that exposes all the functionality of IXD Secure Mail. The IXD platform enables developers to build deep integrations with ERP applications such as Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle and SAP; electronic medical records systems, CRMs and other business applications.

All features of the IXD service are available through the API, including sending and receiving secure messages and documents, managing messages and folders, and searching the address book.

Contact us to learn more about the IXD Enterprise Integration. We look forward to partnering with you to make your information delivery needs secure and painless.

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