About Us

IXD provides an easy way to send and receive documents, messages, and other files securely.

IXD's team has a strong set of principals that we work and live by. We ...

  • Are customer-first: Everything we do must delight and empower our users
  • Are honest and transparent: With our customers, partners, investors, and selves
  • Design secure and solid products by creating security-first solutions
  • Aspire to make an impact in an age where data security can make or break a business
  • Will empower businesses of any size to work more efficiently when communicating internally and externally

Our Mission

We aim to solve the secure, traceable, and non-repudiable document and information delivery issues that are brought about by using email, fax, and file transfer technologies.


The company's team includes leaders with deep product, engineering, and sales experiences from Microsoft and OpenText.

Matthew Brine

Matt has over a decade of experience in the document distribution and content management business. Prior to IXD, Matt was the Vice President and General Manager of the OpenText Fax and Document Distribution business unit. Matt has a Kellogg MBA and was a chartered accountant with Ernst & Young.


Ryan Farmer

Ryan has over 10 years of experience as a software developer and manager, most recently at Microsoft where he worked on real-time communication products including LiveMeeting, Communicator/Lync, and Skype. Ryan has degrees in Computer Science and Business Economics from the California Institute of Technology.


Jay Zybura

Jay has been developing software professionally for more than 20 years, including over 15 years at Microsoft, where he built innovative solutions for both the enterprise and consumer markets. Most recently Jay was a principal software engineer at Microsoft, leading teams building online meeting and telepresence capabilities through unique hardware and software solutions.